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1. Name? Pat
2. Age? 15
3. Location? Georgia
4. Sex? Female
5. Where did you hear about werehot_yournot? got a comment on my lj from the xshorty29x chick
6. What type of music do you listen to? any type. Jazz, alternative rock, punk rock, ska, indie, a bit of rap... not really my type but its cool. Some sogs atleast. uhhh... classical sometimes. I listen to a bit of techno but I'm not all CRZY about it. Its nice. Just mix of different things.
7. What is your best feature? I would say my hair
8. What is your worst feature? my thighs, bluck, but you can't see them... also uhh... of something you can see... I say... prolly my nose.
9. What are your interests? Music DEFINITELY. I am in lvoe with music, thats basically my life lol. animals too, I am in LVOE with my dog. Guys like most gals, poetry from my favorite write, Carles Bukowski, psycology and government
10. Post at least 3 pictures behind a lj-cut

Happy to be one of the first to post :D

haha, I look high with my dog.



pop that collar ;) I'm going to be the new britney spears :X lol [jk]


this is pretty bad but this is me with my bestfriend.
haha, we were having fun with black makeup.

Last but not least, me with my prized possession.

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Your cute, but all your pictures look the same somewhat... so Im undecided
she reminds me of Jessica Lascola (korea Bia) I cant do it!!!
my bad. meant to say no.