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Were Hot

You're Not

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
1. Name?
2. Age?
3. Location?
4. Sex?
5. Where did you hear about werehot_yournot?
6. What type of music do you listen to?
7. What is your best feature?
8. What is your worst feature?
9. What are your interests?
10. Post at least 3 pictures behind a lj-cut


Lauren xshorty29x

Amanda kjs4life295

Curtis firemandave

1. You'll be given a yes or a no, based on your pictures and the survey. Put all pictures behind an LJ cut. < lj - cut > </ lj - cut > If you don't know how to use them, ask someone.
2. NO Nudity
3. Once you are put on the members list you'll have voting access with the other members of the community.
4. We like real people that aren't afraid to show us what they have. If you think you're pretty, don't be afraid to post. We might think you are, too.
5. Only mods can post stamps.
6. Only accepted members can comment on other posts. You are not accepted until you are put on the members list.
7. This community is capable of giving mean and derogatory comments. If you can't take it, I suggest you move on.
8. Fill out the survey so we know a little about you.
9. every month the moderators chose "Hottie of the Month" this person is allowed to boot whatever member they want and replace them with whoever they want.
10. many of us don't like it when applicants post picture links! http://www.shutterfly.com or http://www.photobucket.com or http://www.250free.com is the answer!